Is Long Distance Design like a Long Distance Romance?

I have not always been smart enough to avoid long distance affairs in my personal life, but till recently, I definitely applied what I had learned the hard way to my professional design life. How could I “deliver the goods” of great design in a space I could not stand in physically, over an internet that is many things but definitely not tactile? But, just as I got seduced into those romances, I finally got seduced into designing via picture, email, texting and phone. Two different friends in LA and one cousin in DC all “hit on me” in a period of a few weeks with questions about interior wall colors, exterior stain tones, room rearrangement, old accessories that needed to stay or to go, new accessories that needed to pull a room together, and lighting. I patiently explained my reservations about long distance “affairs,” but like all good suitors, they cajoled me into it. “How hurt could any of us get if we just casually exchanged ideas and we took full responsibility for experimenting a little?” they asked. Well, we went from exploration to implementation pretty quickly, and the results were way more satisfying for all of us than I could have imagined…in fact, they were staggeringly good. So, I am about to throw caution to the winds, let go of what I thought I knew, and begin to offer this service to those that want to stick a toe or an entire leg in the water of design advice in the virtual world. And, you know what really was the strongest argument for overcoming my professional worry? Remembering that I have the privilege of knowing and loving two couples who are solid, deeply in love, and weathered a large part of their early courtships from a distance. What better incentive to let go and believe that all things are possible? So, any takers who want to flirt?